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Gnomie the Snowmie

I must say, I’m a fan of snow. Well, I preface that with the stipulation that I’m a fan of snow when I get to play with it but not have to clean it. Luckily, NYC apartment living affords me just such a luxury! Score one for non-home ownership! So during our second ‘blizzard’ of the season – what some were calling ’snowmaggedon’ – GPS and I went out for some city-snow fun.

A few weeks back I bought my first sled and went sledding (another first!) in Ft. Tryon park with GPS and my sister. I busted my hump and had a blast, but had my fill of sledding. This time around we went for a hike in the woods of Inwood Hill park. I mentioned to GPS that I’d never built a real snowman before, and well, what better timing to cross that off my list of firsts!

Wanting to make it an extra special first, GPS and I scouted the perfect location: on top of an 8′ high tree stump! After deliberating on how to build a snowman on a tree trunk 3′ taller that either of us (me sitting on his shoulders was out – I’m afraid of heights!)…. A few passing neighbors suggested a brilliantly simple solution: build a snow step ladder! An hour and 15 minutes later, Gnowmie was presiding over his very own corner of the woods!

We had some stops and starts: his first torso was too heavy and crashed to the ground, and we were distracted by a gang of 30-year old kids having a snowball fight a bit too close to us for comfort, but we stayed committed (and ruined two pairs of gloves). Another passing neighbor was a photographer and she had a good chuckle and some nice shots of our accomplishment. The weather made a turn to warmer temp’s the following week, so I’m not sure how long Gnowmie stood watch, but it was so much fun to get his frosty behind up that stump. Long live Gnowmie!