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Tutorial – DIY rolag or punis from combed top braid

Here’s a quick video tutorial on vine Rolags in 6 seconds         Break up your combed top braid into staple length segments; I separated my segments by color in order to spin a gradient. Continue breaking up each segment into its natural staple length, laying all tufts of fiber in a parallel … Continue reading »

Tutorial – 15 minute project bag with two fat quarters

Tutorial – 15 minute project bag with two fat quarters

Materials Two Fat Quarters in different patterns/ colors Sewing machine with thread 48″ Ribbon Fabric Scissor Fabric Pins Optional – Threading tool How To in 6 Summary Steps 1. Lay two Fat Quarter with right sides facing. Sew both FQs together along the bottom edge. Sew both FQs together along the top edge, leaving a … Continue reading »

Ep 62 – Swatch does not equal sweater

62 – Swatch doesn’t equal sweater Crafting Swatching with handspun Sample spinning with fiberoptic frogging sweater chain plying cast on north wind cowl Stashing Fit your Knits Knitting the perfect Fit Fieldtrip United Colors of Bennetton Pop Up Shop Periphery VKL NYE photos & lash tutorial – http://www.kostumegirlscloset.blogspot.com/

tutorializer: DIY String art photos (via DIY Typographic String Art |) (Source: http://collegelifediy.com/2011/09/19/diy-typographic-string-art/)

tutorializer: Fall Fleece Capelet Cowl Pattern & Tutorial (via Cowl Capelet free pattern –) (Source: http://www.fleecefun.com/cowl-capelet-free-pattern.html)

tutorializer: color stained coffee filter roses. Photo tutorial. (via KUCHNIA-PEŁNA-CUDÓW: Zapraszam na kawę 😉) Oh! Where was this idea when I was gettig married?!! (Source: http://kuchnia-pelna-cudow.blogspot.com/2011/02/zapraszam-na-kawe.html)

A first, for me: a step by step watercolor tutorial online! Yes it’s of cats, but the tips are helpful across the aquarelle board. (Source: http://365catladies.blogspot.com/p/tutorial-how-to-paint-cat-lady.html)