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New ink

Oh I’ve been cheating on my tumblr acct with an old flame – twitter! Forgot to post pix of my new ink. Yarn ho fo life!

New yarn tattoo

Yay new ink! So happy w my mini-cakes! (Taken with instagram) (Source: http://instagr.am/p/KWX9K1i-T7/)

Waiting to get my next tattoo. (Taken with instagram) (Source: http://instagr.am/p/KTjl3Ji-ag/)

Design friends – what’s the term for melding text/numbers with images?!? This tattoo is too clever! (Source: http://giraffelaughs.tumblr.com/)

Oh, thinking of inking again… will likely get a crochet tattoo before I get a knitting one as I taught myself to crochet first.

So in love with my dandelion seed tattoo! Can’t wait for my next one – officially addicted to ink!

maybe… one day, some day soon! been thinking of getting a tattoo to celebrate my craftiness.