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Ep. 113 Rainbows are the new black

Stashing Must Stash Yarns in Martian Rainbow White Birch Studios in Nothing says screw you like a rainbow Turquoise Owl Punis in Paint Brush Yarntini Woolbar Choose your own self striping club Cable Braided Necklace by Olga Buraya-Kefelian Gourmet Stash Fibery Tribbles in Sparkle and Shine Spanish Peacock Russian Spindle and Lap Bowl Crafting Keskitys … Continue reading »

Ep. 112 – Working out the kinks

I got a new camera! What do you think? Crafting FO Vanilla Open Heeled Toe Up Socks, yarn is Yarntini Woolbar CYO Self Striping Premium Sock WIP Keskitys Shawl by Emma Karvonen, yarn is Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering and Voolenvine Yarns Wythe Fingering Stashing Manos Del Uruguay yarns Allegria base Colinette Yarns Jitterbug base Voolenvine … Continue reading »

Ep 109 – Spring Spindle Tour part 1

A quick tour of my drop spindles! See them all on ravelry here:

Ep. 92 – Crafty Birthday, Kate!

Embedding both in new and old blip formats as I’ve noticed not all browsers like the new format. CRAFTING Kate – FO Fixation Hat pattern by Ann Weaver; FO simple cowl in handspun Gourmet Stash Punis Kim – WIP Snowflake Sweater pattern by Tin Can Knits; Over-dyeing old stash; Spinning WIP using Gourmet Stash Punis … Continue reading »

Ep. 91 – Thank Goodness it’s Garter

Embedding both in new and old blip formats as I’ve noticed not all browsers like the new format. Striped Study Shawl, pattern by Veera Valimaki Ecken + Kanten Shawl, pattern by Martina Behm Gourmet Stash Fiber Punis Avi Wasserman Drop Spindle Bling Your String project bag club Penguin Soup Yarns, Emperor Sock

Ep. 86 – Stash DeStash Karma Loop

Sincerest apologies for the generally sucky quality of this episode – tech issues and allergies threaten to ruin it, but there’s sooooo much stash and destash goodness it evens out!

Episode 82 – Zombie Knitpocalypse

CRAFTING FO – Hug Cowl/Wrap WIP – Ekken & Kanten Shawl by Martina Behm STASHING Vice Yarn Carnal Fingering Yarn Wild Hare Fiber Studio Fingering Yarn Bling Your String project bag & stitch markers Chubby Cloud project bag 210 Street Designs notions bag

Ep 69 – Project Bags with Tangerine

Resources Mentioned Your Perfect Sweater with Ysolda Teague Miss Babs Yowza DK yarn Madeline Tosh – Tosh DK yarn Greenwood Farms fiber Polwarth Fiber Follow Tangerine on Instagram at Photo of Grace Jones found on google image search

Ep 53 – Rhinebeck, the Aftermath **Crafting** WIP: Vanilla Socks (Horton Hears a Who from Three ewes) WIP: Ramona Flowers Top Down Fingerless Mitts (Knitpicks Essential Kettle Dyed) **Stashing** Too much to list! A mini spinner, fiber, mugs, and more from Rhinebeck **Periphery** Please vote on a date for the virtual craft night/ read along discussion for book 1 of … Continue reading »

Falling in love again

With spindling thanks to my new Twindle support spindle from Bristle Cone Artisan Heirlooms! These lovely goodies were brand new to me a few months ago and I’ve been stalking them since this spring. I was able to get my hands on one last week and she’s teaching me a few things about supported spinning. … Continue reading »